EDX-V6SDD Máy Quang Phổ Huỳnh Quang Tia X

Thương hiệu: CFAN   |   Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

EDX-V6SDD can correspond to IEC62321 for the detection of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products, ASTM F963-11 for clothing and shoe materials, En-71 for toys, etc.
XRF-T6SDD can detect elements ranging from Al-U, including various non-ferrous metal materials and minerals, electroplating coatings, etc.
XRF-T6SDD can detect element schemes ranging from Al-U in various materials.

Instrument test range:

From the element between aluminum Al-uranium U

RoHS restricted harmful elements Pb/Hg/Cd/Cr/Br + halogen

Alloy: copper, iron alloy, nickel alloy, tin alloy, titanium alloy, precious metal

Coating: Ag/Sn/Au/Ni—Cu, Cr/Zn/Ni/Ag/—Fe

Element detection range


Sample type:

Solid (plating), liquid (component)

Testing time:

60s-200s(Software automatic adjustment)

RoHS and halogen test accuracy

Over 100ppm:10%


Under 20ppm:±5ppm

RoHS halogen detection limit


Camera positioning system:

12 million true pixel high-definition positioning system;

X-ray tube:


Place of production: Shanghai

Window material: metal beryllium

Life spend: more than 30000 hours



Place of production:America - Amptek

Electric cooling SDD detector, FW7 version

Resolution 125ev±5

1mil beryllium window thickness

High Voltage:


Manufacturer: CFAN

0-50kev, 0-2mA maximum 50W

High voltage protection measures

Overvoltage self-protection, self-recovery

X-ray collimation system

0.3 or 1,3,5 total 3 groups, the smallest configurable 0.3mm

X fluorescence filter system

12 kinds of composite filters to meet various testing needs

Integrated industrial computer:

(All-in-one computer)

Operating system: Windows7 (no external computer required)

Working temperature:

Temperature: 15-30℃; Humidity: ≤75% (no condensation)

Input power:

AC 220V±15%,50Hz

Instrument size:


Test sample cavity size:


Radiation protection standards:

Much higher than the national standard GB18871-2002 GBZ115-2002 standard

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Báo giá: Tư vấn sản phẩm
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