NIKON MA200 Kính Hiển Vi Thấu Kính Trên

Thương hiệu: Nikon   |   Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản

Kính hiển vi thấu kính trên không bị ảnh hưởng bởi kích thước sản phẩm
Đây là sản phẩm ALL-IN-ONE ( nhiều công dụng trong một sản phẩm)
BF, DF, ánh sáng phân cực, huỳnh quang, DIC
Hệ thống đèn với mức độ chiếu sáng cao
Trang bị Camera kép

Main body Focusing mechanism
Focusing nosepiece (Fixed stage) Coaxial coarse/ fine adjustment knob (torque adjustable)
Coarse adjustment of 4.0 mm per rotation, fine adjustment of 0.2 mm per rotation

With flare prevention, built-in UV cut filter
Field diaphragm: dialing continous variable (centerable), Aperture diaphragm: dialing continous variable (centerable)
Filter: Double turret (ND16, ND4/GIF, NCB, Additonal option available), Polarzing block (Selectable with or without 1/4 Plate)
Flourescence filter blocks: B/G/V/BV, built in 12 V 50 W halogen lamp, C- HGFl HG Fiber Illuminator

Light distribution
Eyepiece tube/ Back port: 100/0, 55/45
Optics CFI60/ CFI60-2 system
Obervation image Surface Image
Obervation method Bright/ Darkfield/ Simple Polarizing/ DIC/ Epi-Fluorescence
Resolving nosepieces MA2-NUI5: Bright/ Darkfield/ DIC 5 Position nosepiece, LV-NU5A: Motorized Bright/ Darfield/ DIC 5 position nosepiece
D- NID6: Brightfield 6 position nosepiece ( Intelligent), D-NI7: Brightfield 7 positon nosepiece (Intelligent)
Stage MA-SR-N Rectangular 3- plate Stage N: 50x50 mm stoke ( includes two stage inserts (Φ20 mm and Φ 40 mm opening) and coaxial control handle on the right side
Dimension: 295x 215 mm Stroke: 50 mmx50 mm (with distance graduation) Standard accessory: Φ22 universal specimen holder ( with sample clip)
Trinocular eyepiece Seidentopf, interpupillary distance asjustment 50-75 mm
Power input 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Electrical power consumption 1.2 A, 75 W
Weight Approx. 26 kg ( denpends on combination)
Option Imteremediate magnification
Turret (1x,1.5x, 2x) Status detection (Output magnification information to main unit)

MA2-GR Grain Reticle (ASTM E112-63 grain sizing numbers 1 to 8), Grid Reticle (20 lines, 0.5mm)
MA2-MR Scale Reticle (compatible with 5-100x, Read in um, Dialing System
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Báo giá: Tư vấn sản phẩm
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